Our Approach

Our approach is easy, fun, honest, exciting and all about you and what you want to achieve.  No signature look.  No arrogance or attitude.  Instead, our roll-up-our-sleeves style means getting to know you, your needs, and crafting creative spaces that reflect you, your lifestyle, and your taste, all within your budget. Our goal is to delight and bring you reassurance, happiness, and a Return on Investment (ROI) beyond what you ever imagined… while we handle every detail along the way.

Upfront Planning to Finishing Touches

Consultation, design, build, furnishings, accessories––we not only offer end-to-end services, we ask all of the important questions, whatever the project. Will you be in the space for many years? How much wear and tear will it get? What are your must-haves? What is your dream?  Great results come from getting to know you and to listening and caring about your thoughts.

Creativity Above and Beyond

We define creativity as surprising you with the exceptional (more thought, not more money), beautifully merging styles and tastes, solving problems whether structural or aesthetic, refreshing what’s dated, reimagining spaces, or starting anew.  The end product should be a whole lot of “wow” that you can’t wait to share and enjoy.

Incredible Resources and Expertise

Whether you already know what you like or are looking for some guidance, you’re going to love having our vast resources at your fingertips –– fabrics, wallpaper, lighting, tile, fixtures, carpet, building materials you won’t find anywhere else.  Add to that our designers’ knowledge as to what works, what doesn’t, where best to spend your money and where not.  At SPACES, you get the whole shebang!

Outstanding Value

Competent, conscientious and committed to integrity, we work hard to keep costs down. We give real numbers, real ranges, and we have structured our pricing so that working with us is far more affordable than you may think.  Our clients often tell us that we saved them money versus many of our competitors or trying to do the work on their own.